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Research is the only way to stop MND

EVERY DOLLAR OF YOUR DONATION to the MND Research Institute of Australia is spent on the best MND research

MND is a terminal neurological disease that kills two Australians each day. For most people living with MND, the early symptoms – slurring of words, difficulty holding objects or stumbling – rapidly escalate to an unstoppable wave of paralysis that robs them of their ability to move, eat, swallow and finally breathe. There is no effective treatment for MND and no cure – yet.


You can bring new hope to more than 2,000 people living with MND in Australia, by boosting our capacity to fund Australia’s best and brightest MND researchers.


You can spark new discoveries and ideas to defeat MND by funding new research projects that aim to understand the causes and work towards developing treatments and a cure for MND.


You can improve the lives of people with MND by supporting research into innovative advances in MND care.


Please join us and ask your family and friends to make a donation this giving season.


Together we will defeat MND.

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